Sunday, December 18, 2005

12:17 Pacific Standard time

That's it, folks ... all the bids have been recorded.

Michelle is updating the website, with payment instructions, and all the information you might need! Perhaps I will be posting the information here as well, but the first place to check is the website

Hope you all enjoyed! I know I did. Even though I did run out of pepsi in the middle of a snow storm! :-)

12:17 Pacific

#97 Serenity

Martha Harrell $25.00

#50 Celtic symbols

Susan Kerr $25.00

#107 Untitled Marilyn Davis

Teresa Shippy $35.00

#92 Early Morning

Diane Becka $20

#34 Water Lillies

Diane Becka $15.00

#102 Meditation

Diane Becka $27.00

#87 All that Jazz

Diane Becka $105.00

#35 Basket Blocks

Sue Lemmo $20.00

#23 Sunflower block

Sandra Starley $5.00

#31 Dresdin Plate Blocks

Judith Woerner $50.00

#19 Vintage Flower blocks

Ann Orn $40.00

#53 Desert Sunset

Katherine McNeese $35.00

Saturday, December 17, 2005

#21 Pineapple

Diane Becka $35.00

#100 Jaimie Fingal postcard

Katherine McNeese $20.00

#58 Autumn Leaves

Sue Lemmo $35.00

#12 40's graphic block

Barbara Campbell 5.00

#002 Double Pink block

Barbara Campbell $7.00

#25 1900 Quilt top

Barbara Campbell $40.00

Friday, December 16, 2005

#15 Tulips Block

Barbara Campbell $22.00

Thursday, December 15, 2005

#24 Needlepoint Floral

Mary Baker $10.00

#28 Floral Needlepoint

Mary Baker $10.00

#29 Trip Around the World block

Cynthia Morgan $10.00

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

#106 Venice

Scott Murkin $75.00

#99 Massai Warrior

Scott Murkin $45.00

#71 Heat Wave

Scott Murkin $35.00

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

#62 Secret Life of Trees 4

Peg Keeney $25

#93 April Journal

Teresa Shippy $35.00

#67 Secret Life of Trees 9

Diane Becka $23.00

#109 Flood Plain Watcher

Kathy Lee $70.00

Monday, December 12, 2005

#22 Teacup Blocks

Barbara Campbell $8.00

#10 Teapot blocks

Barbara Campbell $11.00

#004 Friendship Star Blocks

Sylvia Weir $5.00

#89 January Frost

Joanna Price $40.00

#51 Big Frog

Linda T. Minton $25.00

#63 Secret Life of Trees 5

Linda T. Minton $30.00

#007 Childs Embroidery

Kimberly Wulfert $12.00

Monday Morning

Another quick note. We have made a change in the postings. In order to avoid confusion, instead of showing all the bidders on each piece, we will only be showing the current highest bid. We have received some bids that were lower than the highest ones, so we hope to eliminate confusion by this.

We shall give it a try and see how it works! If you don't see your name on the blog, it means someone has sent a higher bid. And again, don't hesitate to let me know if anything on the blog is wrong!

#105 Sunflower with Poem

Virginia A. Spiegel $30.00

#101 Moons in Revolt

Larkin Jean Van Horn $75.00

#104 Moon Goddess Dancing

Kimberly Wulfert $25.00

#001 10 Block set

Kimberly Wulfert $25.00

#95 Reflections by a Pool

Karen Musgrave $100.00

#108a Three Feather

Ann Pugh $25.00

#108 One Feather

Diane Becka $30.00

#61 Secret Life of Trees 3

Cynthia Morgan $25.00

More News

Yet another reminder; if you do not want your real name to appear on the bidding blog, send me a fake one. Just don't forget to include your real name. By fake name, I don't mean someone else's name. By the way, the name Anonymous has already been taken.

Send new name to

And finally, a word of caution. I regret to inform you that bribing either the webmistress, or the head of the FACSC is not going to get you anywhere. Now, bribing the Blogmeister (paypal to above address) is another story.